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The Reflex-Rol solar shading system is ideally suited for buildings with overheating and glare issues such as:
office environments, large glazed areas, hospitals, schools, private and public buildings.

The systems maintain 20/20 vision outwards whilst helping to achieve carbon reduction levels to 2020 requirements using high capacity,
micro-embossed, reflective foils that can be equal in performance to externally fitted blind systems.

A particular specialisation of the company is Air Traffic Control Towers and control rooms.
ATCT/ VCR Shading from Reflex-Rol(UK) are bespoke systems, designed specifically for the unique shape and plane of windows in Air Traffic Control Towers, also known as VCR's Visual Control Rooms.
glare control blinds

Roller Blinds

Reflex-Rol UK offers three different types of roller blind. All benefit from the following:  All profile parts are made from rigid extruded aluminium,  Enclosed headbox with side capping,  Various side guides for guiding the blinds along the window and to

reduce glare with blinds and window film

Reflex-Rol MAXI System

Areas up to 10 metres wide and 8 metres high can be shaded with a single system. Individual roller blinds installed next to each other are now a thing of the past.  For use in buildings with large-scale glazing, powered

motorized blinds


Our range of four head boxes are suitable for most window constructions: The product benefits of film roller blinds  All profile parts are made from rigid extruded aluminium  Enclosed headbox with side capping  Various side guides for guiding the blinds

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